15-20 min deep-dive where we will take a look at your business, where it is at currently and the maximum capacity it is able to handle with it’s current framework. From there we will speak on your current sales process from start to finish modelled as a completely new customer, as well as if your business is ready for us to come in and run paid advertising. This is an important part of the conversation because if your business is not setup to handle the large amount of traffic we will bring to your site in terms of leads and sales, then we already know this will be an unsuccessful partnership.

The second part of our deep dive will be actually getting to know you! We love working with our clients, and a lot of them long-term. What really ignites our passion is working with clients we get along with and truly believe in and helping them grow and get their product(s) in the hands of a lot more people.

Thirdly, is coming to the decision of if you would like to remain in the same position as you are currently, or if you are ready to level-up! We’re here to bridge that gap, and of course the best method of doing that if through well-executed paid advertising.

Go ahead and book your free discovery call below, filling out the entire form so that we are able to prepare to the best of our abilities for our meeting. All calls will be done through Zoom. Once you complete the appointment you will receive an email confirmation with all information provided, zoom meeting link included. You will receive a meeting reminder 1 day before as well as 1 hour before the meeting. We look forward to meeting and seeing if this is a good fit!


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